Tempus Imperium Aeternum

Tempus Imperium Aeternum is the next evolution of my tempus system used in Tempus Imperium and Tempus Quest.

Each map is a solo game that can be played many times with different randomized setups.

Kickstarter Cancelled

Tempus Imperium Aeternum will not be coming to Kickstarter soon. I've decided to not bother with a Kickstarter and just release the game for free. You can still sign up for info below. There are a few maps out already, including the rules map below, one on BGG, and a few exclusives that people already have. 

Sign Up for Tempus Imperium Info

If you are a game reviewer or individual who would be interested in getting an exclusive, unique map for review and sharing, please fill out this form.

Tempus Imperium Aeternum Map-3-191-71 Difficulty-5 Rules Example.pdf
Tempus Imperium Aeternum Rules v6.2