Crossed is a two-player tile-laying game that takes seconds to learn and minutes to play.

One player is blue and the other is orange.

You start with 2 of each tile arranged in a square

Blue takes the first turn by placing a tile in any adjacent space that a blue arrow is pointing to.

Then orange places a tile in any adjacent space that an orange arrow is pointing to.

Players continue placing tiles this way trying to have the most rows of 3 once all the tiles have been placed.

However, if a player gets 4 in a row, they win the game immediately.

The rules are simple but they create a surprisingly complex tactical decision space.

Since your tile placements control where your opponent can play, you need to think ahead and be careful not to allow them a game-winning move.

The game plays quickly and allows players to discover new patterns on repeated plays opening up a depth of strategy.

Do you play defensively and build up rows of three? Or go for a quick win by luring your opponent into a trap?

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