Tempus Design Contest

The Tempus System is the system used in my games Tempus Imperium, Tempus Quest, and Tempus Infinitum.

Tempus games are similar to roll and write games, except, instead of using dice to randomize elements, you use the day and time.

The Tempus games I've designed so far have all been solo games played on a square or hex grid, but neither of those are requirements of a Tempus Game.

My hope for the Tempus System is that other designers will use it in new ways. So I decided to have a contest.

Tempus Design Contest Information

  • Your game must be submitted by May 15, 2020.

  • Your game must use the day and time you start playing to generate a 6 digit number DDHHMM (using 24 hour time).

  • Your game must use this 6 digit number to randomize the challenge of the game and the player actions.

  • Your game must fit on a single 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, not including rules.

  • Your game must not require any components beyond a pen, the game sheet, and knowledge of the day and time.

  • Your game must be your own intellectual property.

  • All submitted materials must be in english.

  • Designers retain all rights to their designs.

  • The contest is open to designers of all ages around the world. Minors should get permission from a guardian to submit.

  • You may submit any number of entries.

Additional Information on the Tempus System


All submissions will receive feedback. The top games will be considered for publication.

How to Submit

Fill out the form below with your contact information, and a link to your game sheet and rules. You may also include a how to play video.